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The Powers of Phi - Decoding the Sacred Geometry of the Gothic Cathedral Steeples

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Stargate Pyramids provides the most powerful personal healing and meditation pyramids available, and are based upon cutting edge world-class research.

Stargate Pyramids are based upon the extensive pyramid research done by Dr. Alexander Golod and his team of scientists on behalf of the Russian government.  This is by far the most extensive research ever performed on the healing, free energy, agricultural, enivronmental and materials science effects of pyramid energy fields.  You can read all the available Russian Pyramid Research by clicking on the tab in the header.  Take the time to check out all the experiments that demonstrate the amazing benefits of Russian pyramid power! 

Unfortunately, the scientific articles underlying this research were not allowed to be published in academic or scientific journals in the West.  Many thanks to John DeSalvo of gizapyramid.com for having the courage and foresight to originally publish this research, and to David Wilcock for introducing the Russian Pyramids and their amazing results to Western audiences. 

As the Sacred Geometry of the Russian Pyramids was never disclosed, it had to be reverse engineered prior to building pyramids for public sale.  I was able to accomplish this through application of some basic Sacred Geometry principles and some guidance from 'above'. This turned out to be a major discovery in its own right, and spawned all the subsequent research you will find in my book "76.345 - Exploring the Hidden Secrets of the Golden Ratio", the research videos on this website, and the new Pyramid Science Foundation documentary video below.  

Stargate Pyramids use the slant angle of 76.345... degrees, which is the geometric angle of Universal Phi Scaling.  Researchers Nassim Haramein and Dan Winter discovered that Nature uses the Golden Ratio/Phi to scale all physical reality, but neither defined the process of Universal Phi Scaling or the associated geometry.   My research has now been able to determine both the precise method used by Nature to perform Universal Phi Scaling as well as the precise angle which produces it.  These discoveries, along with the work of Sacred Geometer George Leoniak of KnewGeometry, have allowed me to develop a first-of-its-kind model of the Organizing Principles of the Universe, a topic I discuss in the documentary below.

The 76.345... degree angle is found in architecture around the world and has been used for thousands of years.   Many alternative historians have argued that ancient religious buildings (Hindu and Buddhist temples, Gothic cathedrals, etc.) were previously healing centers or power plants that were repurposed in more recent times to religious architecture.  This geometry is also found in the Giza pyramid, ancient conical structures, obelisks, bell towers, castles, forts, Tartarian architecture, power plant cooling towers, hyperboloid structures, ancient symbols, Solomon's Key, the Sri Yantra, the Caduceus, contemporary nautical and aeronautical technology, racing cars, and even our DNA!

Health research conducted by leading Russian scientists, the University of London, and the Pyramid Science Foundation all confirm the amazing health benefits derived from exposure to the coherent energy fields produced by Universal Phi Scaling.  Check out the research in the Russian Pyramid Research tab in the menu.

This 76.345... degree angle is also found in all the major free energy technologies of the 19th and 20th centuries.  These include Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower, the Russian Pyramids, the free energy technologies of Viktor Schauberger, the 19th century Royal Palace in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, which still produces free energy today, and the drawings of free energy pioneer John Keely.

Recently, Dan Winter, perhaps the best-known contemporary proponent of free energy implosion physics, has concluded the 76.345... degree geometry is the key to free energy generation. 

As previously mentioned, mankind has known about this information for thousands of years, as this precise angle is found in architecure and free energy devices around the world.  This raises the all-important question of why we don't know about this information and why it isn't taught in school.

It is interesting to note that the persisent use of this geometry in contemporary technology occurs despite the fact that Sacred Geometry is not taught in science or engineering curruicula.  Rather, engineers 'back into' this geometry through water and wind tunnel testing.  This is yet additional proof that Sacred Geometry and Universal Phi Scaling hold the key to many of the answers to the First Causes of the Universe.

From a cosmological perspective, the research behind these pyramids points to a Universe structured through a precise interplay of mathematics, geometry, harmonics and consciousness.  These are the very principles found in Plato's Quadivium, an advanced field of study that was removed from classical liberal arts education approximately 500 years ago, about the time the Gothic Cathedrals stopped being constructed.

If you are intrugued with what you have just read, follow down the page to the documentary, which gives you concrete examples of everything you have just read about, and much more!


New Documentary -
The Golden Ratio and the Organizing Principles of the Universe

This documentary is the culmination of 7 years of research into the geometry of Universal Phi Scaling and its existence in the fundamental properties of Nature, ancient and contemporary architecture, free energy, healing, and contemporary technology. The first sections cover my research into architectural, free energy and other technological examples of this geometry, many of which have been discovered since the publication of my book.

While researching Nature, architecture and technology, I made the significant discovery that all of the important components of a potential model of creation, including the scaling of fractals, the scaling of the Platonic Solids, and the geometry of the horns of a spherical Torus, all share the 76.345... degree geometric angle.  I further determined that the recursive formula associated with the Fibonacci Sequence provides the perfect mathematical formula for systematizing Universal Phi Scaling.

Towards the end of the documentary I discuss some of the many ways this information has been suppressed.  From the elimination approximately 500 years ago of Plato's advanced intrerdisciplinary study of mathmematics, geometry, harmonics and cosmology known as the Quadrivium, to the elimination of the Aether and the elimination of this geometric angle from Western church architecture approximately 100 years ago, to the suppression of the ancient origins of fractals, the Platonic Solids and the Fibonacci Sequence, to the vilification of Universal Phi Scaling witch hats and dunce caps, to the eradication of the Tartarian Empire from our history books, I discuss how powerful forces have been brought to bear to hide from view a prior civilization which had free energy, health and longevity. Taken in isolation, these events may not raise concerns, but when looked at in their totality, the existence of a worlwide suppression of this information becomes clear.

At the end of the documentary I propose a Model of the Organizing Principles of the Universe, the first of its kind to link together Universal Phi Scaling, fractal scaling, the Fibonacci Sequence, the scaling of the Platonic Solids, and the Torus into an integrated dynamic model using consciousness and Sacred Geometry as the driving forces behind creation.  YouTube and Facebook geometer George Leoniak of Knew Geometry recently provided the final link to this model when he demonstrated that the scaling of the Platonic Solids occurs precisely within this geometric angle.

The documentary is long and multi-disciplinary, so you may not want to watch it from start to finish. 

I suggest you click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the video link below, which will take you directly to YouTube where you will find a highly detailed timestamp of the multitude of topics covered.

This documentary is part of the Pyramid Science Foundation's efforts to provide cutting-edge research on pyramid power, Sacred Geometry and cosmology.

Pyramid Science Foundation

The Pyramid Science Foundation was incorporated in 2019 as a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, and was designated by the Internal Service as a 501 (c) (3) organization in 2020.  Our mission is to conduct scientific research on pyramid energy fields and the dissemination of that research to the public. 

Some of the areas we plan to delve into ask these important questions...

How does pyramid energy affect humans?

How does it affect animals?

Do pyramids help with physical health?

Do pyramids alter consciousness?

How do plants and animals respond to pyramids?

Can the weather be modified with pyramids?

How does water react to pyramid energy?

and the BIG questions...
How can we harness pyramid energy to produce free energy, health and longevity?

How can we use these Sacred Geometric principles to enhance the power of consciousness?

The Pyramid Science Foundation website provides more information about our projects, as well as ways for those interested in providing financial assistance for the Foundation's research  efforts.

Copyright @2023 Stargate Pyramids LLC.  All rights reserved

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