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The Astonishing Links Between the Stargate Pyramid Geometry and the Progression of the Platonic Solids

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About Stargate Pyramids

Stargate Pyramids are based upon a specific geometry found in all major spiritual traditions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

The geometry is also found in Egyptian obelisks and hieroglyphs, medieval castles, Japanese zen pyramids, the refraction of light and sound, Mystery School architecture, the "dunce cap", witch and sorcerer hats.

Most recently, we have discovered this slant angle in the spires and pyramids found in the progression of the Platonic Solids.

This geometry has been demonstrated to be the Geometry of Creation, or Phi Scaling Angle, used to create all things across all dimensions, from the galactic to the sub-atomic.

Dr. Stuart Hameroff has determined that both the overall structure of DNA as well as the microtubules in DNA contain the same geometric angles as those found in the Stargate Pyramid.

This geometry results in enhanced meditation, healing and manifestation, as well as heightened consciousness, intuition and psychic ability.
The health, environmental, agricultural and materials science benefits of these pyramids are demonstrated by 30 years of the most comprehensive pyramid research ever undertaken, funded in part by the Russian government and performed by leading Russian scientists.

Experience the many benefits of Stargate Pyramids, the Inter-Dimensional Geometry of Creation!
Slant Angle: 76.345 degrees
Apex Angle: 27.309 degrees


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