Specific heights of Russian pyramids

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      Rob S

      I recently emailed Charlie to see what his thoughts were about the specific heights that the pyramids built in Russia have. I hope somebody may have additional information about this.

      from the email.

      The reason I made a 9 foot pyramid is, I have a strong feeling that the Russian pyramid research specific heights are important, but I’m not sure why.

      They mention 11 meter, 22 meter etc. for the height of the pyramids. Basically doubling 11 meters. 11, 22, 44 and so on.

      11 meters = ‪433.0709‬ inches, incredibly close to 432. The number 432 has actually come up in in the interview with Lori Sassan, but not blatantly.

      When Lori explained consciousness level, I realized each of the 12 levels having their own 36 levels adds up to 432.

      The number 432 seems to be an important number, and  continues coming up in my research and is sometimes hidden, like with the interview with Lori. The actual number 432 was not mentioned.

      How I got to 9 feet for the height of my pyramid is, I divided 432 by 2 and then 2 again to come up with 108 inches or 9 feet.

      It seems like halving or doubling 432” or 11 meters seems to be an important factor in the Russian pyramids.

      Does anyone have any additional information why the Pyramids in Russia are built to these specific heights?

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      We are going to discuss this topic either on 12/16 or 12/22 on our podcast on YouTube at noon Eastern. We had a guest who made some cones, one based upon the research of Dan Winter, who uses the Planck length and multiplies it by powers of Phi. The other two were in appropriate geometric proportion, but not in Phi multiples of the Planck length. We are going to have Lori and Bill comment on the results.

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      Rob S

      This is exciting stuff. I’m on pins and needles, really looking forward to the podcast.
      I’ve done my own basic calculations and came up with about 4’10” for the ~1 foot sphere and 8’5” for the next size up (Phi scale), center height using the Planck length. I have to refine my calculations for a more precise height. I use sketch up to help visualize the dimensions, but sketch up is not very precise. I will re-watch your last podcast to better understand how he used Phi for his calculations.

      There is an interesting video I found on YouTube with the title;
      “Pyramidal Shape Healing, Angles, Frequencies. 51 Degree Dimensions.”
      on a YouTube channel called MeditationPyramids
      I think this is the link:

      You might find it interesting too. He talks about the correlation of pyramid heights to the chakras. The good stuff starts at about four minutes in. The entire video is only six minutes and 44 seconds long. Hope you find it helpful.

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