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      I’ve had the quartz pyramid for a month now.
      I got 1 of the most deepest sleeps I’ve had in I can’t remember when.
      I described it as a womblike slumber as the depths were near incomparable to 1 I can remember.
      Dreams are more consistently vivid/adventurous almost to the point of no matter how little the sleep is in a day.
      Psychical connections occur for example I’ve been a frequent guest in an online radio show & around the time they broadcast, I was sleeping then connected to them in dreams on healing applications.

      My unconscious structurings have also been rearranging to heal from unresolved inner conflicts.
      I should also add that I sleep with a magnetico pad, a biogeometry pendant, various silver shungite configurations, rocks, a magnet but I did those before getting the pyramid so the differentiation is experientially measurable.

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      Stargate Pyramids

      When you say the quartz pyramid, are you talking about one of the Stargate pyramids with the quartz sand enhancement?

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      Yessir. I bought your version and so glad I did. I hope to buy a capstone soon from the 1 seller you recommend. I hope to take advantage of the discount if its still around. I’ll take a look.

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