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      Was there ever a rough draft, sketch or idea to sell smaller pyramids for the above things?
      I like the idea of bringing a small pyramid on the go, a road trip, visiting friends/family to show them the power of this ancient, future tech?

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      Stargate Pyramids

      I am actually thinking of doing that. Whenever I make a medium sized pyramid there is virtually no pipe waste, whereas when I make the large pyramid there is a fair amount. Comment back with some sizes you might like and I will also figure what sizes I can make with the leftover pieces and we can get back together to discuss.

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      I am set to introduce a 3′ pyramid in the next few days. I did the calculations and i can make it with the leftover pieces from making the large pyramids. I am having to migrate my website away from GoDaddy due to service issues, so as soon as the migration is finished i will update and announce!

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      Love it, thank you!
      I hope to buy 1 this year.
      Glad to hear others are making use of it.

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