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      I made a 15cm energy cone using the Phi scaling angle as follows-
      A double cone was made with a 3D printer with a 3mm gap between the cones.
      Fine, clean crystalline sand was introduced into the space between the cones through a hole in the bottom.
      23 carat gold foil was glued to the outside of the outer cone.

      It’s not possible to add images to forum posts at present but this can be easily visualized.

      I tested the energy field near a river where there were no houses or electrical wires. Based on my dowsing the energy field went about 1km. I don’t believe there are any scientific instruments that can measure this field so dowsing is the only way and one has to trust this ability.

      Possible uses of this cone.
      Helps neutralize the harmful biological effects of Emfs and Rfs.
      Helps to neutralize geopathic stress on humans and animals
      Could also be used as a healing device for charkas and meridians (like a crystal).

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      Hi Ron,

      Thank you for sharing. If you have a blog would you kindly upload the photo of the energy cone? Have you noticed any more subtle effects from keeping it in close contact to your energy field? It is fascinating a interest of mine to explore free energy. I currently wear shungite saturated silver pendant with magnet and the silver was made from Keshe foundation to produce gans water. Silver gans. I am amazed how well it works for me by countering the effects of emf radiation. I would utilize a number of free energy tools to combat these lower affecting energies.

      Could you show me a example image on google how the double cone would look like? By adding here keywords to search for it.


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