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      Hi Everyone,

      Recently, I wrote a comment under the Youtube video tittled as “Stargate Pyramid Sacred Geometry Found in Head Wear Around the World” on the StarGate Pyramids channel. But it was deleted by Youtube. I’ve asked Charlie about it and he suggested me to post it on the forum. I’m curious about your comments. Thank you.
      Here is my comment below:

      Thank you very much, Sir. I’ve learned much things from your videos. As it’s written in the article at the link below, there are pyramidal neurons in mammals. These neurons are the building blocks of brain functions like memory and consciousness. You can read more about the pyramidal neurons from that link:

      Here is the picture of a pyramidal neuron:

      I’ve heard that putting small pyramids at the base of a big pyramid, empowers it. Wearing a Dunce cap is like placing a big pyramid over the small pyramidal neurons in the brain.

      Beside that pyramid structures the water. I put my drinking water in my pyramid that I made out of plastic straws and after nearly 2 days, it tastes very good like a spring water. Maybe Dunce Cap structures the water in the brain too.

      Furthermore, as I read from http://www.gaia.com, human brain can synthesize magnetite crystal which is one of the most magnetic substances on Earth. Although the main function of that crystals in brain is unknown, studies suggested that they are related to the long term memory. You can get more info about it from this link: https://www.gaia.com/article/could-tiny-crystals-in-our-brain-unlock-psychic-powers

      Russian scientists researched the relationship between the water, crystals and the pyramids. Interestingly these are the things already in the human brain, even in some animal brains. I think that by adding some special stones, crystals and maybe orgonite to the Dunce Cap, more influential cap can be developed. Thanks for reading.

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      Stargate Pyramids

      thanks for being the first post! I am in the midst of posting the announcement video. I will try to get back this afternoon.

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        Rob S

        My suggestion to enhance a dunce cap it’s to mix Elmer’s glue with bionized quartz sand and paint the interior of the dunce cap with the mixture. Doesn’t specifically have to be Elmers glue.

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      Your welcome, Sir.

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        I expect youtube to continually delete videos that don’t tow their corporate agenda.
        Can stargate pyramids open an account in brighteon & post deleted videos?
        That forbidden video sounds so necessary in pyramid magic/transformation studies.
        Thank you for your attention.

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        Stargate Pyramids

        I will try to check this out this weekend.

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      Cosmic energy may be absorbed by the body through the prismatic epithelial cells and this could be magnified by sitting or lying under a pyramid.


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      Thanks for the very interesting info, Hakan! (I actually came across the Stargate youtube video channel recently in a roundabout way while searching for info on pyramidal dunce caps, which has led me here to the forum…).

      I’m hoping to make a dunce cap with a base width (opening) of 24″. Would anyone here be able to help me figure out the height required to make a perfect Phi Spiral Cone (/Dunce Cap)? I’d be very grateful for any pointers!


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        Stargate Pyramids

        The ratio of height to base length (diameter) is 2.058 to 1 for the 76.345 degree slant angle. So for a diameter of 1 (circumference of 3.14159), the height would be 2.058

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      Just to clarify what I wrote above: by “Phi Spiral Cone” what I meant was, of course, a cone/dunce cap with the Phi scaling angle.

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