Build Your Own Russian PVC Plumbing Grade Pyramid

The instructions you will receive with your connectors include all other information about how to build your pyramid.  Therefore, this section speaks only to calculating your pipe cut lengths.
How To Calculate Your Russian PVC Pipe Lengths

This is not a difficult process, so don’t be intimidated.

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Begin by determining the height of pyramid you wish to make in either inches or centimeters.  Heights are given in 2″ increments from 3′ to 10′ tall in the first two charts below, and in 5 cm increments from 90 cm to 300 cm in the third chart for those using the metric system.

There are three charts to choose from:

U.S. Measurements:

– Chart in inches measured in .01″ increments.  This is the more precise chart for cutting.

– Chart in inches measured in 1/16″ increments.  Many find this chart easier to use, although it is not as accurate.

Metric Measurements:

– Chart in centimeters measured in .01 cm increments.

Cut four base pieces and four vertical pieces and then proceed per the instructions included with your connectors.

U.S. System  – Russian PVC Pipe Lengths (.01 inch precision):

U.S. System – Russian PVC Pipe Lengths (1/16 inch precision):

Metric System – Russian PVC Pipe Lengths (.01 cm precision):

A Note About Precision:

Although we have provided cut lengths to a precision of 1/100th of an inch/centimeter, do not be intimidated by the level of precision.  The reality is that you should try to be as precise as you possible, but the viability of your pyramid does not depend on exact precision.